PIER Energy, founded in 2016, provides engineering services at every point of the electrical value chain, from electricity generation to the end user (from generation to consumption). PIER Energy's definition of qualified service is based on the maximum efficiency principle of its market experience and professional employees. Pier Energy, which was founded on the principle of meeting project and technical requirements with a quality perspective in electrical contracting services; while it provides turnkey solutions for a variety of projects such as hotels, trade centers, mass housing, and schools in the superstructure, it distinguishes itself with its design office, effective personnel productivity, and project management in infrastructure and industrial facilities. Pier Energy adds value to projects by its commitment to excellent service approach, innovative solutions principle, efficiency and effectiveness structure.

Vision & Principles

  • Being an ecologically responsible (environmentally friendly), profitable company with highly qualified employees, where workforce and financial resources are efficiently used.
  • Within the scope of strategic business alliances; acting in project management procedures as an engineering stakeholder.
  • To be a leading system integrator in the fields of electrical contracting and energy management in targeted regions at domestic and international markets.
  • To be a being a company that combines efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.

Becoming leading in global and offering engineering services based on innovative technology with unique solutions and distinctive products in the domains of Electrical Contracting, Energy Management, and Energy Trading.

To develop high-performance, high-quality, effective and reliable solutions with high-efficiency and sustainable engineering solutions, to lead the industrial development transformation.

  • Competitiveness

  • Productivity/ Efficiency

  • Innovation

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction

  • Commitment to Moral Values/ Maintaining High Ethical Standards
  • We Are Passionate About Our Work

    We continue on our journey with the same enthusiasm we had on the first day and, as well as the knowledge and expertise that has accrued through the years in our engineering. Our primary objective is professional achievement.

    We Are Always in Development

    We believe that a new day comes with knowledge and teaching - experience. Our process of development and regeneration must be always carried on. We place a high value on the development of our in-house personnel. Our team is constantly on the lookout for newer, better, and more innovative solutions.

    Trust But Follow

    Currently, the wheels of our internal control mechanism are turning in the direction of our projects. With reports covering everything from the planning process through the testing and commissioning procedures, our skilled QA/QC team keeps our stakeholders up to date.